About Us



We specialise in manufacturing bakery moulds and trays. We are small family-owned business and proud of products that we offer to the baking industry. We are driven by providing consistent quality and exceptional service. Our innovative and expert craftsmanship enable us offer unique design and creative bakeware products for modern day bakery. Various options available for type of material used including Aluminised Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Non-Stick.

EUROTINS provide a wide range of bakeware for commercial and industrial bakeries looking for bespoke bakeware. Custom pans are manufactured for customer’s precise requirements and expert input is sought to achieve quality. The supply of customised bakeware has always been a challenge that bakeries have faced for a long time.

Custom pans are also available in Non-Stick coating. At EUROTINS, we are committed to provide the best possible quality and durable products for day in day out performing bakeware products. We are expert in Bespoke solution so do get in touch for specific project needs and we will be happy to run samples for review. No order is too small!

Bakeries which produce Breads, Bloomers, Pastries, Rolls, Pies, Tart, Buns, Pizza, Cakes, Cookies, Loaves, Scones, Savouries, Fruit Pies, Slice Bread, Brownies, Cupcakes & Biscuits will love our products. At EUROTINS factory, we have a wide range of facilities available to produce various bakery moulds, trays and other cake tins.

Our range includes:

- Baking Trays

- Bread Tins

- Farmhouse Loaf Tins

- Cake Tins – various shapes

- Brownie moulds

- Mousse steel rings

- Baking rings with tray

- Muffin Cupcake Trays

- Cake Rusk moulds

- Pizza pans – various shapes

Please let us know your requirements, we are happy to discuss. Please email us at info@eurotins.co.uk