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Singles Loaf Tin Bread Pan Commercial Bakery by EUROTINS

Singles Loaf Tin Bread Pan Commercial Bakery by EUROTINS


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EUROTINS professional grade bakeware helps commercial bakers produce professional grade baked goods for large bakeries and superstores.

Large Bread Loaf Tin

Single – 1200 gm – 300 x 107 Top Dimension and 292 x 100 Bottom - 120 (Depth)

Medium Bread Loaf Tin

Single – 800 gm –230 x 100 Top Dimension and 221 x 93 Bottom - 110 (Depth)

Small Bread Loaf Tin

Single – 400 gm –165 x 95 – 155 x 86 – (100 mm depth)

Mini Bread Loaf Tin

Single – 250 gm – 131 x 75 – 122 x 68 – (57 mm depth)

EUROTINS bread tins are purpose built for commercial bakers looking for sturdy and durable products day in day out production.

The bread tins come in various sizes and there is option to buy either with natural finish or nonstick coating. Also, bakers have a the choice to buy strap of bread tins joint together for large commercial baking.

The pans are perfect for bakers with an easy and delicious bake of breads, cakes and yeast bread etc.

Bakers also have the choice of strap bread tins, removing the need to handle each individual pan separately. It helps in saving on oven and counter space, bake together perfectly-sized loaves of your favourite types of breads or cakes.

The bread tinsare made of aluminized steel, ideal for long term use in commercial bakeries, with metal thicknesses designed for even heat distribution and maximum service life. There is reinforced metal wire on the top edge to maximize the tins's strength and prevents warping, denting and other effects of heavy commercial use.

The surface of the tin helps circulates air all around food, providing a continuous-even baking temperature for uniform results.

The natural finish with pre greasing can help you easily release the bakes goods. However, there is also an option of Non-Stick should you wish to opt.

The bakeware is oven safe to 350 to 400 degrees F.

Should you wish to order a bespoke size, please get in touch with us (EUROTINS) we will be able to manufacture the size you want

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